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About Us 

Our Company is a pioneer in the exciting emerging and largely untapped market for beacons to support LBS – Local based services for the outdoor and the indoor.


Our intellectual property, which dates back almost 10 years to 2005, also covers the the technology and the application needed for indoor and outdoor use. Our solutions provide “the missing link” – the RF beacon and the infrastructure that enables indoor LBS navigation and directions down to products inside stores.


Over the years we have contacted most companies in the field of computer communication and navigation and notified them about our ideas, our patents and our intellectual property.  It’s now apparent that we were more than a few steps ahead.


Recently there has been a fundamental shift in the markets towards the direction that we had anticipated and talked long time ago. Major companies like Apple, Google, Samsung and others are entering the market and it is anticipated that all the market will follow, making the RF beacon, the indoor LBS and navigation the biggest and most promising market of marketing and advertising in the years to come.


Our intellectual property consists (as of Aug 2015) of 15 patents: nine (9) issued patents and six (6) patents pending dating back to early 2005. We also have registered trademarks and domains especially appropriate to indoor applications. (Indoor Navigation, Indoorview, Buildingview, Mallview,, to name a few..).


Aside from the technology, we have patented the business model and digital marketing for indoor LBS applications.  With the market moving in that (to our) direction, and awakening to the huge possibilities we believe that any company wishing to establish positions or dominate in this promising field must consider our innovations – our technology, our business model and our intellectual property.


Facts is:


Apple Ibeacon was released in June 2013


Google Eddystone beacon was released in July 2015


Our patents  go back to early 2005... thats 8 years before Apple and more than 10 years before Google..

© 2015 by BlueUmbrella LLC. 

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